FEATU-the pride of East African teachers on professionalism and welfare rights struggles Development of Labour standards in relation to the teaching fraternity influences the quality of the education The teacher is the practitioner who is the heart of the education system It is the teachers’ togetherness
that can influence change in the education sector development.
Teachers’ professional strength, working environment and welfare relate to commitment to providing quality education

Teachers are the custodians of knowledge.

Teaching is influencing life
transformation in mind sets
and life practices.

Education is the
key to success
in life.

Teaching is the art of facilitating students’ discovery, a practice beyond transmitting knowledge.

Because teachers
are, our nations
and the world are.

Remembering own learning is remembering teachers more than methods and techniques.

Learning is not
merely absorbing

It is acquiring meaningful understanding and the learner is the centre of over all teaching.

Teachers for Quality Education

FEATU stands for The Federation of East African Teachers’ Unions. It is a regional labour organisation of free, autonomous and democratic teachers’ unions from member states of the East African Community (EAC). Currently, FEATU has seven affiliates, all affiliated to the global union Education International (EI) and confederation of all teachers’ unions in the world.



What are key issues that FEATU
is addressing so as to improve quality?

Quality teachers for quality teaching.
Provision of quality education focusing on related facilities agenda.
Improvement of working and living condition of teachers.
Harmonised education policies, systems, procedures, processes, curricula and assessment/evaluation

Meet Our Committed Leaders

Nkomezi Sebagabo Alexis


Stephanie Mukangango

Secretary General

Allawi Abubakar


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