FEATU stands for The Federation of East African Teachers’ Unions.  It is a regional labour organisation  of   free, autonomous and democratic  teachers’ unions from member states of  the East African Community (EAC). Currently, FEATU has seven affiliates, all affiliated to the global union Education International (EI) and confederation of all teachers’ unions in the world.   FEATU is legally registered in Tanzania with a constitution, rules (by-laws) recognised by the government of Tanzania.  The organisation consists of  a Secretariat, a Technical Committee (TC) and an Executive Council (EC).

The establishment of FEATU was influenced by the establishment of the East African Community (EAC)  with a treaty signed in 1999 but entered into force in 2000 followed by the Common Market Protocol which came into force in 2010. The EAC concerns include education development and labour matters. Teachers labour matters  in the region form part of  the general labour concerns at  the EAC.  In that regard, FEATU is seeking  an observer status at the EAC  on education development and teachers’ matters.

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President’s Message

I wish to express my gratitude to all the affiliates of our federation for the co-operation we benefited from you since SNER was elected sitting union for this forth tenure of the leadership since FEATU was officially launched.   Beyond my gratitude for the co-operation that we have had so far, I feel obliged to call for greater co-operation for a healthier way forward of the federation bearing in mind our commitments to making the central role of FEATU more visible.

It is within our cognizance that the EAC Treaty with interpretations in the Common Market Protocol provides for none state actors, in which case FEATU has a place, to participate in teachers’ issues and quality education provision in the region.    

Bearing in mind the provision under reference, the central role of our federation is, therefore, to strongly enhance our well informed joint efforts of our affiliates in the region for influencing improved working and living conditions of teachers hand-in-hand with addressing professional issues in the teaching career while advocating for quality education for all in the whole region.

As we are aware, in order for FEATU to have the mandate for playing its role as per the said provision, the observer status, which is yet to be granted, is a precondition for engaging in social dialogue with the EAC on teachers’ labour and professional matters hand-in-hand with advocating for quality education provision.  

FEATU as a whole and its affiliate unions are anxiously looking forward to having the observer status in the nearest future. While FEATU at the centre will continue to struggle for the observer status, every affiliate is requested to vigorously make efforts in the struggle for the observer status. Therefore, I request every affiliate to take part in influencing the EAC through relevant channels in our countries for granting FEATU the observer status in the nearest future.        

Finally, I wish you all great achievements in all your endeavors as you struggle for improved teachers’ welfare hand-in-hand with advocating for national pragmatic commitments to the provision of quality education for all.

Nkomezi Sebagabo Alexis

president , Featu.


To gather all teachers to form effective teachers’ federation participating fully in education matters in the East African Region.


Teachers for Quality Education.


To improve quality education for all
through strengthening teachers’ professionalism and solidarity
in the East African Region.